Our Mission

To provide a safe environment for youth interaction while promoting positive and artistic self-expression and developing life skills

Reach 50 Schools

Impact 500 Students

Raise $25,000 each quarter

Help us reach our goal to raise $100,000 in 2022


Ways to Donate

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I wanted to be a part of Expose Excellence because I have always believed and lived by the fact that developing and educating our youth is the best way to insure a prosperous future for us all.

[ Henry Dibrell ]
Board President

Dr. Michael Milstead

"It is also an honor and privilege to be selected to take part in this worthwhile initiative. “Kasserian ingera” is a greeting used by the Maasai’s of Africa (Kenya and northern Tanzania) when members gather and meet. This phrase asks the question “and are the children well”. Lot’s can be learned from these intelligent, community oriented and fierce warriors on the importance of securing the educational, social, emotional and mental well-being of our children. Dr. Milstead believes that there is a profound parallel between the mission of EEYP and the customs of the Maasai’s relating to the well-being of youth. Both believe that children are our citizenry’s most valuable and prized resource and that nurturing, guiding and cultivating their growth and productivity is the essence of a greater society.”


Dr. Michael Milstead

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